Wherein Avaragado ducks and covers

Today’s junk mail in full:

  • Thinking of hiring a skip? Think again!
  • Flat roof problems solved permanently with Rubberbond EPDM Roofing Systems
  • Fed up painting your roofline?
  • Preparing for emergencies: what you need to know

Yes, my copy of HM Government’s all-purpose guide to bee stings, fire/lift incompatibilities and terrorist attacks has arrived. Naturally there’s already a spoof of the real thing.

I now know I have to go in, stay in and tune in if there’s an emergency. Hang on, isn’t that what I do most nights anyway? Is an emergency just like any other night, but with an extended News?



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3 responses to “Wherein Avaragado ducks and covers

  1. Anonymous

    Have you put it in a safe place, with the instruction manuals for the video, dvd player, etc and other important documents that can never be found again?

    • Hoarder

      Well, I’m a hoarder. I know exactly where the instruction manuals are for everything: they’re all in a big, unsorted pile. (Except the ones that aren’t, which are pretending to be books on my bookshelf.)

      • Anonymous

        Re: Hoarder

        The biggest problem I have is with transformers (not the toy, the AC to DC convertors). I have a huge collection now from every device I have ever owned. But rarely is the brand name on the transformer the same as the device it goes with, and sometimes I own too many (many many linksys and logitech devices, many transformers with their name on).

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