Bob a blog

Bob a blog
Originally uploaded by avaragado.

For Andy‘s birthday we went to the Kingston Arms and the Golden Curry. The Kingston now has free Internet access (with a free wireless access point too), so Bob decided to post to his blog.

This is very sad. But not quite as sad as taking a photo of it and posting that to my own blog.



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4 responses to “Bob a blog

  1. Anonymous

    If that is sad …

    what about those of us reading a blog about someone taking a picture of someone posting to their blog.

    Did they ever remodel the Vue?

    • Re: If that is sad …

      You are simply a passive consumer of the mindless pap produced by big media conglomerates such as, er, Avaragado.

      Yeah, they added a conservatory to the Vue. I don’t think it’s changed much otherwise – haven’t been there for months, actually. About time we did the pub quiz again I think.

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