Small portions copyright Microsoft Corporation

Last night I dreamed that my cooker went BSOD.

It’ll happen one day.

Naturally you’ll be able to cook more efficiently using a Linux-based cooker, but the UI will suck.


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3 responses to “Small portions copyright Microsoft Corporation

  1. Cooking apples

    Or you might be able to purchase a Macintosh-based cooker. It’ll be very reliable, be a doddle to use and will have a nice chrome finish which will look gorgeous in your kitchen. However, it’ll cost twice as much and you’ll have to put the grill pan in the trash when you’ve finished using it. ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Re: Cooking apples

      Q: Dear Apple, what is your cheapest machine?

      A: Why that will be $800 for you sir (eMac)

      Q: Err that thing comes with a monitor. I already have a nice big monitor on my desk. How much is it for the machine without a monitor.

      A: You’ll have to pay $1,500 sir.

      Q: Eh, so I have pay double for you to remove the display?

      A: Yes, but we make ipods, are cool, and look at the shiny colours.

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