The Life Avaragadic

In other news:

Today I bought a new shirt. I’m off to Germany again on Monday, you see (we’re going at a reasonable hour this time). I need to beef up my customer-friendly long-sleeved shirt ensemble; I don’t believe in dastardly things like suits and ties, and although I’ve got a few decent short-sleeved shirts they’ll have to wait until spring hits.

I also bought a new phone for my flat (I thought the line had gone screwy, but I figured out this week that I was wrong – just in time to avoid a £60 callout charge from BT). Come to think of it, the phone went pop around Christmas. I’ve only just taken down my Christmas cards too. What happened to January and February? Did I miss anything important?

Tonight a few of us went to see The Life Aquatic. I enjoyed it; relevant adjectives include “quirky” and “offbeat”. Avaragado’s rating: four crabs.

Oh, there was an teaser trailer for the League of Gentlemen movie, Apocalypse. It has certificate L, for Local. I hope they don’t overdo the “local” gag; catchphrases don’t generally make good plots.

Blimey, Roger’s in the news again – well, same story as last time but just noticed by Slashdot.


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