Woke with a sore throat and a bit of a head this morning. I’ve been expecting it – it’s the vernal equinox. I often get colds and stuff at an equinox. Hadn’t realised it was today, though, until I looked at the calendar while the kettle was on.

I’m sure Shazzie says something about colds and equinoxes in Detox Your World, but I can’t find it right now. (I told her it’d take a week or so to do a proper index, but, oh no, she said she it would only take her about five minutes :-)



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6 responses to “Equinox

  1. Anonymous


    If any of this hooey is true, shouldn’t you be contacting James Randi over his million dollars?

    • Re: Millionaire

      What do you doubt? That I’ve got a cold? That I often get colds at equinoxes?

      Don’t ask me why it happens.

      • Anonymous

        Re: Millionaire

        Show that it is better than pure chance (seasonally adjusted)

      • Anonymous

        Re: Millionaire

        Perhaps you only notice the date of your cold when it’s an equinox.

        It often snows on Christmas day. More than any other winter’s day? Almost certainly not, but why would you remember that snow was actually more frequent on Jan 4th each year.

        • Re: Millionaire

          Perhaps. But I get very few colds these days. Of course, the fact that I was expecting a cold might have brought it on.

          However, I don’t rule out the possibility that there is an underlying bodily rhythm involved. To deny that possibility due to, I don’t know, some sense that “we’re not animals” is pretty mad; we are animals, just animals with big brains and the ability to make You’ve Been Framed. We didn’t suddenly leave the animal kingdom (or indeed stop evolving) when we gained the ability to make sarcastic comments about each other.

          No, I don’t have evidence, but that doesn’t make me a raving loon. It just seems like common sense to me…

          • Anonymous

            Re: Millionaire

            Or that you just like all other animals are really bad at statistics. An interesting book is “The History of Risk”.

            On a somewhat related note, noone has yet disproved my theory that children exist in order to help diseases reproduce …

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