Cat Deeley? Vernon Kay? Eamonn Holmes? Terry Wogan?

I suspect Robots has done a Shrek 2 by using regional celebs (I only actually recognised Wogan – the others we saw in the credits). I’m not a fan of this idea, really. I blame Andi Peters for somehow snagging a credited role in Toy Story.

The film was OK, I guess. Not in the same league as yer Shreks or yer Incredibles. Not that many titters in the audience. Not even from Chris, who’d had a few drinks at the pub beforehand and got through at least half a bottle of red at Pizza Hut.

Fantastic animation, though.

Avaragado’s rating: four nuts


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  1. Anonymous

    I hope that’s 4 nuts out of 10 (not out of 5!). The film was pants! (apart from visually) What was the plot? Or the point (fat old capitalists are nicer than slick suited marketing types?) And if anyone can explain the point of the domino surfing scene I would be……..disinterested, probably.

    Very poor.

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