Revenge of the sixth

Well, that was better.

Of course, being Lucas, being Star Wars, I don’t think there was a single line of less-than-clunky dialogue, or a single scene without green-screen. Visually it is of course spectacular. Verbally, well, “wild bantha chase”?

The scene with the, er, “younglings” could have been much, much more effective with two simple changes: a better child actor, and the raising of a second light sabre. There wouldn’t have been a dry eye.

There was an almost throwaway line near the end from our little green friend that raised more questions than it answered. The transition to episode four is pretty good, though not without its oddities. A few other plot holes gaped but never mind: Jar Jar only gets a couple of words in the entire film.

As we were leaving the cinema I heard someone say that there’s room for another episode between three and four, and that’s true, but I suspect the TV series will serve that purpose. I still think Lucas might decide to remake four, five and six, since the effects chasm between three and four will nag away at him. That’s just my fanboy wishful thinking though.

So the sequence is complete. It feels a bit weird actually.

Avaragado’s rating: one large onion.



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3 responses to “Revenge of the sixth

  1. Anonymous


    I am proud to say that I haven’t fallen for any of the SW nonsense and haven’t seen any of Episodes One through Three in any form. Where do I claim my prize?

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