Got back this morning from a long weekend with the gang at CenterParcs in Elveden Forest, which sounds a much more pleasant holiday destination than “Thetford”.

I have discovered a number of things:

  • I quite like archery. But not enough to take it up as a hobby.
  • My back is more resilient than I thought it was. Over the weekend I have gone down “rapids” (glorified water slides) and taken part in other sundry chlorinated water-based activities; I have also bowled, arched, badmintoned, table tennised, “adventure” (crazy) golfed and snookered, with no apparent problems.
  • I can, in fact, beat Chef at something sporting – table tennis.
  • CenterParcs restaurants need prodding to take your order, seem unable to serve chilled white wine, and apparently have a single communal wine cellar. I think this is linked to the restaurants by a vast underground tunnel mechanism dug by ex-Vietcong militia.
  • Ducks, like vampires, cannot come into your house unless given permission.

My photos are up already, and so are Lynda’s photos (she’s also blogged it). I’m sure that Chris and Melanie’s photos will be along any minute, and Andy’s photos soon. Chef takes lots of photos but we never see them. I think he just deletes them when he gets home.


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