Tick done next

That’s Rome done then.
My photos, Chris and Melanie’s photos.

Not shown in the photos:

  • The moment when Chris had his wallet nicked, and then later returned by the thief as Chris didn’t have any money in it.
  • The many and varied ways in which a Rome restaurant can forget to deliver part of your order, typically vegetables.
  • The contents of the Galleria Borghese, including a room full of Caravaggios.
  • The stuff that’ll have to wait for the video, including, but not limited to, a drunken few hours on the Spanish Steps.

Andy wrote notes about where we went when, so expect those to appear on his blog with his photos RSN.



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2 responses to “Tick done next

  1. Anonymous


    So what happened to Chris? He looks like a psycopath who may have been in the military!

    • Anonymous

      Re: Chris?

      Are you referring to my Italian socks? I thought they looked like tights, but I suppose they could be mistaken for jack boots :)

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