Just back from seeing Serenity with Louise and Melanie. (Chris demurred, muttering about towns in Arizona in the vicinity of Yawnzville.)

Call me a Joss Whedon fanboy if you want, and I suspect you will, and I suspect the cinema was full of them/us, but I thought it was a cracking film. The characters had, you know, character. There was no po-faced Star Trekkery with Data-learns-to-swear-style japes, nor was there dialogue-by-numbers a la George “Nooooooo-oo-oo-oo!” Lucas.

It got a little Buffyesque in places (s/vampires/reavers/g), and the ensemble cast meant the occasional feeling that it was character X’s turn for the funny line. But those flaws did not, as they say, spoil my enjoyment of the picture/film/movie. And Whedon’s ability to switch the mood in an instant is second to none.

Avaragado’s rating: one packet of dry roasted peanuts


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