Between jobs

Been pretty busy at work the last few weeks. Had a big demo to finish. Actually, to start and to finish. I can’t think it’s that common that one day you hand in your notice and the next you start up a team of four on a crash project for an important demo with a hard deadline.

We had a few hiccups and stressful times, but it all came together at the last minute as usual. The demo was presented last week (not by me) and apparently went down well.

After that I had about three days to hand off various responsibilities and wind down. My last day was today (Wrestlers for a farewell lunch). Still not sure it’s sunk in; I got home feeling a bit stunned. I’ll miss some of the people there tremendously. I will keep in touch.

The rest of the week’s my own (except that I’m invited to a work lunch later in the week), then the new job starts next Monday. Wish I’d arranged another week off now; I’m knackered.


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