HP and the G of F

I have never read a Harry Potter book. Generally speaking I have no idea of the plot of an HP story before I park myself in the cinema seat. (I know who dies in book six, though.)

I understand that the G of F book is about a million pages long; the film is similarly lengthy. As much as I like Miranda Richardson, her scene as the Glenda Slaggesque Rita someone-or-other could have been excised without, ahem, muggles like myself being any the wiser or the plot suffering in any way.

The films are getting better, and darker. The acting is improving; the gurning is reducing. We’re now starting to get all the soppy stuff, so there’s lots of additional comedy opportunities this time round. Rupert Grint, AKA Ron Weasley, or is it the other way round, will I suspect never win any actual awards for comedy; but he may romp away with the prize for being most ginger.

Avaragado’s rating: two of those little pots of mixed herbs


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