The Lion, the Witch and the Boredrobe

Or, The Chronicles of Yawnia

Or, That was a bit rubbish

Not an auspicious start: a bombing raid on London in what must be 1940, with future Narnia royalty looking out of the window. Not a blackout curtain to be seen! No big Xs on all the windows! And then in the next scene, thousands of kids are being evacuated. Didn’t that happen in 1939 as war actually broke out? Call me picky, but I want my fantasy to be accurate!

The CGI was pretty spectacular. The scenery was fantastic. But the film itself was plodding, dull, dull, dull. All very middle-class home counties accents. It was like The Railway Children with thinly disguised biblical allegory and an infinite budget.

I’m sure it was a faithful adaptation of the book. Maybe that was the problem.

Avaragado’s rating: one mint imperial

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