Stop the clock

Back in Cambridge. I make that 61 hours away, and 12,000 miles covered. Not a bad average speed, 200 mph.

I think I’ve had no more than about seven or eight hours sleep during that time.

I’m about to get a few more, hopefully. In one of these strange, wide, flat things called “beds”.



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2 responses to “Stop the clock

  1. Anonymous


    The important question is did you manage to eat only British style while out of blighty?

    • Re: Food

      I had four meals on Hong Kong soil:

      • Stir-fried asparagus and mushrooms, with “naan bread” (more like pancakes). Interesting combination. Ate outside a cafe by the bay, looking across to the neon-lit buildings of Hong Kong island (see the photos).
      • Generic hotel breakfast.
      • Authentic chinese restaurant, somewhere on Hong Kong island, as the guests of the company we were visiting. Felt extremely British.
      • Authentic cantonese restaurant, at the hotel (but seemingly frequented by locals more than hotel guests). Felt slightly less British due to cultural adaptation.

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