Wherein money is exchanged for consumer electronics

32 inches, HD-ready, LCD. Marantz.

Currently perched on a chair in front of my old CRT TV, until I can dispose of that humanely.

It’s very good. It shows up the low bandwidth of digital terrestrial TV magnificently. Haven’t tried out the HD yet – I’ll need to plug the Mac in for that.

However, its built-in digital tuner UI is pretty awful (ranting available on request). My old Nokia 221T set-top box is much better, even if channel-changing is slower, so I’ve plugged that in.

I’m currently watching 1000 Dame Edna Everages dancing in the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Quite what some commonwealth countries are making of this I’m not sure.


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  1. Anonymous


    Out here in consumption central (California), 32 inches is the smallest you can buy! My 42 inch (plasma, not that crappy LCD) sure seems small every time I walk into Costco.

    Of course they still haven’t invented Teletext here. Set top boxes seem to have UI designers whose number one goal is to hate the users. They also suffer from exceedingly slow channel changes.

    The other fun thing that happens is that channels get renumbered on a fairly frequent basis. I eventually gave up on TV service all together due to getting fed up with having to tell Tivo about where channels are no. Oh, and the incessant advertising.

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