I’m from the International Monetary Fund and I’m here to help

When Ethan Hunt says he works for the IMF, I think nternational onetary und, not mpossible ission orce. But anyway. I imagine it’s just me.

I am slightly ashamed to say that I enjoyed MI3. Tosh, naturally, and the scientoloon’s career high is still Risky Business in my humble opinion. But with flavour-of-the-moment JJ Abrams as a writer and director, and ditto Philip Seymour Hoffman as chief villain, it’s turned out a cut above the normal dross. Maybe a paper cut rather than a full-on blood-letting, but it beat my expectations and that can only be a good thing.

Oh, Simon Pegg’s in it, and very good he is too. Also present are various bits of Rome that we recognised from our visit last year.

Avaragado’s rating: one grain of rice

Good news, everyone: Chef’s got a Flickr account.

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