Champagne and chips

Last night we went to Bruno’s Brasserie on Mill Road to celebrate Louise’s birthday. None of us had been there before, but we’d heard contradictory reviews. It was time to make our own minds up.

Shazzie joined us, having obtained a note from her daughter allowing her out. Consequently there was the drinking of the champagne. It seems to be her new tipple of choice. Expensive tastes, these rawists.

Strange courgette-based starter. I suspect several lemons died during the preparation thereof. It met with my approval.

I had a very tasty mushroom risotto for my main course. Shazzie had one of the specials, a “superfood salad” it was labelled, but minus feta and plus chips. You can take the girl out of Hull…

I shocked all present by having a dessert – cheesecake. All ingredients present and correct, you can’t really go wrong. Well, I could, but they couldn’t.

Since Chef was custodian of the wine list we ended up at £50 a head. And me, dolescum.

Avaragado’s rating: some watercress


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