Wherein Avaragado namedrops Stan Lee yet again

X-Men 3 has had some poor reviews apparently – I haven’t read them, since they tend to reveal too much plot for my liking. I hate being spoiled, especially the most important plot point: where and when my very good friend Stan Lee will make his cameo appearance.

I always wanted to be Cyclops. Or Iceman. Or Angel. I wasn’t fussy. At a pinch any kind of sensible mutant powers would have done, but I would probably have ended up with the uncanny ability to read a book quickly or something similarly tedious. Yeah, Professor X, let’s simulate that in the Danger Room.

The film I predictably enjoyed. Being unspoiled I was surprised by one or two plot points, which always raises my opinion of a film. You don’t expect (nor did we experience) too much acting in this sort of film, even with such luvvies as Patty Stewart and Ianny McKellen. (Bless dear old Serena: in the last few years he’s played Richard III, Gandalf, Magneto, a guest role in Coronation Street, and Widow Twankey. What a CV.)

Sadly I forgot that I’d read about a sooper-sekrit post-credits final scene, so trooped out along with everyone else right after the not-so-sooper-sekrit pre-credits final scene faded to black. Google for it if you’re interested.

And no, I wouldn’t take the cure.

Avaragado’s rating: three chocolate digestives


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