Early Camber

IMG_2468My annual trip to Camber Sands is usually on the August Bank Holiday. For various reasons, this year it’s been brought forward to the middle of June – last weekend, in fact. As I was in Covent Garden on Saturday, I went down to Camber on Sunday morning instead.

So did most of the south of England, apparently, due to the good weather. There was a three-mile queue into Camber: this long, in fact, all heading for a car park with no spaces.

I turned round, went up to the Brenzett roundabout, and took the Lydd route (which, smacks head, I should have taken in the first place). Longer, but no traffic at all and much quicker than waiting. The nice lady at the full-to-bursting car park tried to banish me henceforth, but I knew the secret handshake that let me in.

Highlights of my stay include:

  • Reverting to my usual suckiness at boules, having attained the glorious heights of third place last year.
  • Playing original Galaxians and Asteroids in the arcade’s retro corner.
  • Taking a ridiculous number of photos, some of which have turned out pretty well I think.

Some of the photos will seem odd unless you understand what you’re looking at. Compare with visits from previous years…


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