We are victorious

It’s taken a few weeks, but victory was ours last night in the pub quiz. Andrew, his friend Richard and I emerged four points ahead of the second-place team with a score of 50/70.

About half of those points came from Andrew’s near-encyclopaedic knowledge of Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle and Cher’s musical adventures. OK, not so much on the Cher. But very impressive nonetheless. Now, if they’d played Belle and Sebastian… then I’d have sat there going “Ooh, yes, I know this one…” and not been able to remember the title.

My share of the winnings will keep me in White Lightning and UHU for a few days, anyhow.

(Scene from last Friday:


BIG ISSUE SELLER: Big Issue! Big Issue sir?

ME/ANDREW: No thanks.


BIG ISSUE SELLER: Big Issue sir?

ME/ANDREW: Still no thanks.


Persistent but forgetful.)

Oh, and Andrew won the bingo, too.


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