Coincidence? You decide!

I turn on my PC. The monitor sits happily on standby. Hmm. Try again, same result. Windows is booting, since the Sleep button does as it’s told. Third time lucky, but Windows has apparently mislaid my monitor drivers. Oh well, quick reinstall of those and all is well.

While this was going on, my door buzzes. It’s a Jehovah’s Witness (the first one I’ve encountered in years).

Coincidence? You decide!



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4 responses to “Coincidence? You decide!

  1. Anonymous

    hastens josh view

    “Jehovah’s Witness” is an anagram of “hastens josh view”.

    What did you use your monitor for when it started working again?

    If it was for viewing pictures of Josh Hartnett, then this is very far from a coincidence.

    • Re: hastens josh view

      Bored at work already Chris?

      I can confirm the absence of Josh Hartnett.

      My first reaction on seeing your subject line in my email was, “Oh no, spammers are posting to my blog now”. I was expecting random medicinal advertising rather than anagrams. Well done for fooling my personal spam filter.

  2. Anonymous

    An excellent sketch. I also loved the one with about nine people draped on and around a grand piano playing one piece together. There was something of unionism in the title but my old brain can’t remember it. Bother!

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