Wherein Avaragado realises he can still read that disk

A couple of months ago I blogged about my Palm’s forgetfulness, and my lack of backup of same due to disk fun and PC swappage.

Well, after a suggestion from Chef I just tried plugging the dodgy disk into my new PC. And it works fine. So I’ve recovered the last backup from Palm to PC, including my address book. The disk has now resumed its position on a bookcase, under the watchful eyes of Lego-based Jedi.

I’ve now signed up with Plaxo. Joyously my address books on Mac and PC are now automatically synchronised with the online version. Sadly I only appear to know two other people from Plaxo’s 15 million customers, so I don’t get all the benefits of the site (when they update their details my address book is magically updated). But having an offsite backup and synchronised address books is good enough for me.


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