USS Reliant

Expats and those who haven’t watched since the days of William Woollard may not realise that the show Top Gear is not about cars any more. It has cars in it, yes, and opinions about cars, but its purpose in life these days is as a vehicle (ho ho) for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James Mays to, well, muck about. (One mucking about session last year very nearly killed Richard Hammond.)

Last Sunday’s episode included a segment in which Mays and Hammond plus some rocketry geeks attempted to make a miniature space shuttle, using a Robin Reliant as the orbiter. The full 21 minutes is on Google Video and worth watching in full – but if you just want to see what happened, skip to 17:30 in.



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2 responses to “USS Reliant

  1. Anonymous

    Who are you callinga Geek…?

    We are not Geeks and it didn’t explode, watch the video a bit more closely. :-p

    • Re: Who are you callinga Geek…?

      I’m using ‘geek’ in a positive not a negative sense, Bob! I think it was an amazing achievement. (If I’d have said nerd, that would have been different…)

      And who said anything about an explosion? :-) I’ve stepped through the video and there certainly looks like a cut between the impact and the fireball.

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