Bonus points for getting the reference.

Anyway, everything on Avaragado Pictures is now available on my thoroughly exciting YouTube channel. Sound and vision may even be synchronised. I’ll probably retire the page on my web site shortly.

Soon I’ll start to add more stuff to YouTube: the longer movies that I didn’t bother to add to my web site. These include, and are limited to, Malta 2003, Agde 2004 and Rome 2005. (Oh, hang on, I might put Courchevel 2002 up as well. I don’t think Alpe D’Huez 2001 is worth doing as it’s way too long.)

And I realise I still need to produce Les Arcs 2007. I crave forgiveness and dry roasted peanuts, not necessarily in that order.



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3 responses to “Vidos

  1. Anonymous


    Now if only Gallery could automagically put stuff on youtube and point people there then life would be wonderful. I’m using Gallery2.

    And for the record not everyone has Flash players. Only people running Intel processors with 32bit operating systems do.

    • Re: Gallery

      Well, I’m running Mac OS X on PowerPC and I’ve got a Flash player…

      • Anonymous

        Re: Gallery

        But for how much longer? Actually it looks like Adobe tries not to alienate Mac users too much. The Wii is stuck on Flash 7 because Adobe won’t let any third parties license anything beyond that!

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