You’ve been at the computer too long when…

Your dreams feature instant message popups.

Twice last night.

The first was relatively normal: in the dream I was sitting at my PC talking to Chef on the phone. My screen popped up a Skype IM box (yes, it was that detailed) with a bizarre one-line message from Sarah. (It was something like ‘perspective bananas’ – I certainly registered it as odd in the dream.)

The second was more surreal: I was nowhere near a computer, and suddenly a bunch of Trillian-style IM notifications blatted into my field of view at lower right in the traditional way, complete with the appropriate noises. These were from my friend Dan, saying he’d talk to me later. I think reaching for a keyboard to reply, and realising that I was nowhere near a computer, caused a segfault in that particular dream process and my brain dropped me back into what passes for the real world (I guess that’s a Terminal).

I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t spim.


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  1. Anonymous

    Jet packs

    Of this stuff will eventually become reality. All those futurists were predicting jet backpacks when they should have been predicting annoying popups.

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