A visit from the Shires

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen Andy and Lisa – they now live in Winchester, possibly because they’ve talked to everyone in Cambridge. They returned to visit friends for a couple of days, and Bov organised a night out. Most of the usual suspects attended the Live and Let Live, joined by special guests Toby (having already sampled the drink), Tim and Bob.

Food was scheduled for 8.30 at Al Casbah. At the appointed hour we were turned away at the door, our table still occupied, and retired to the Six Bells for another thirty minutes.

We were consequently well-watered but starving by the time we finally took our seats. Al Casbah hasn’t changed: the ceiling is still draped with someone’s discarded bedsheets. I remember idly wondering whether they’ve ever been taken down to be washed.

As you’d expect there was plenty of chat, of progressively lower coherence, as we caught up with each other’s doings. We left somewhere north of 11.30, clutching virtual invitations to Winchester whenever we fancy, and only Toby (surprise) choosing to move on to another pub. Via a conversation with some homeless, apparently.


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