Not forty yet

It’s always tricky trying to decide where to have my and Melanie’s birthday meal. Do I plump for the easy – La Margherita or thereabouts – or try to find somewhere we haven’t been before for this particular celebration. I usually opt for something new, sometimes deciding months in advance (as last year). This year I couldn’t make up my mind.

Eventually I settled on the Fleur, having finally rejected the Punter after one tedious risotto too many on previous reconnaissance visits. I knew the Fleur would do decent food and one or two people attending hadn’t previously eaten there. Sadly we had to pre-order – tiny kitchen versus fifteen diners – but that went smoothly, my simple spreadsheet printout of who-and-what deemed “the most organised pre-order we’ve had” by the barman. The final tally was seventeen, with latecomers Nadia and ex-ANT colleague Simon squeezed in and allowed to order on the night.

A good mix of people, I thought; the usual suspects bolstered by former ANTers and more recent chums Andrew and Doron. There was even, astonishingly, some mixing between the groups.

The food was, as usual, excellent. I was slightly worried that my creamy tagliatelle would cause me some difficulties in my present confinement, though those worries were misplaced; possibly doused in alcohol. I declined dessert, since I never eat dessert (© Chef).

To round off a fine evening, the presentation of a magic voucher got us 15% off the bill for the entire table. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

Avaragado’s rating: fifteen peas



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4 responses to “Not forty yet

  1. Re: Pictorial evidence

    I took a few photos on my phone. There you go!

    • Anonymous

      Re: Pictorial evidence

      I hope you didn’t pay lots of money and get locked into a multi-year contract for that thing vaguely passing for a phone. Even the RDF didn’t generate enough awesome light for the pics to be passable!

      • Re: Pictorial evidence

        You’re just jealous.

        I didn’t buy it for its camera.

        • Anonymous

          Re: Pictorial evidence

          Well you couldn’t have bought it for its cellular capabilities (no 3G support, locked to carrier etc), its GPS (accurate to the nearest continent or two according to The Register), its applications (only those approved by Steve) etc. Maybe you just love your fingerprints! Maybe those are what made the pictures blurry.

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