Chris and Melanie’s wedding

IMG_0131.JPGI would have posted yesterday but I seemed to spend most of the morning wandering aimlessly and bumping into furniture. I’m never drinking alcohol again, until the next time.

Chris and Melanie were married at Quy Mill on Saturday, a gloriously warm and sunny day better than most we had in July and August.

As one third of a best man my duties included minimising Chris’s alcohol intake pre-ceremony (too much booze = no wedding), herding friends and relatives for photos, and changing the batteries on fairy lights. And I was Bearer of the One Ring. I successfully cast it into Mount Doom, AKA placed it on a cushion, as the ceremony began.

The other two thirds of a best man, Chris’s brother Paul and his mate James, helped with shepherding duties and did the speeches (to which I contributed).

The day was very drunken. Everyone was there, and most had cameras. I’ve created a Flickr group for people to add their wedding photos. Just mine in the group so far, since I only created it a few minutes ago, but Louise’s photos have been uploaded.


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  1. Re: Dress Code?

    It was a wedding. People tend to dress up for weddings.

    As a best man I had an official purple tie that matched Chris’s ensemble, which included purple DMs.

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