If you don’t want to know the result, look away now…

IXI 1, Visionware 0.

Confusingly, David Lucas was in goal for Visionware, and another of their players was called Sheehan.

First half was mostly IXI. How we didn’t concede any in the second half I’ll never know – they hit the post twice. The rain played a part in the result as the pitch was a bit of a mare. Attendance 4,000-odd, pretty good for a population of 8,000.

The ITV commentator name-checked the Barleymow and the Boot at least, but not the Vue. He emphasised the sleepiness of the place, omitting any mention of the high-tech nirvana that is Vision Park.

Home to Swansea City in Round 3. On our way to Wembley.



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9 responses to “If you don’t want to know the result, look away now…

  1. st1

    David Lucas was in goal?

    I expect they put him in to soak up the Histon attacks.

  2. Anonymous

    Vision Park

    Are there any companies left in Vision Park? Google Earth shows all the car parks empty but the photo was taken on a Sunday.

    • Re: Vision Park

      Haven’t been there for several years. I presume there are some tenants in some of the buildings.

      • st1

        Re: Vision Park

        Is is true that the pub’s been renamed to the “Guided Bus Vue”?

        • Re: Vision Park

          I think they’re planning to rename it the White Elephant.

          Waste of money, grumble, grumble.

          • Anonymous

            Re: Vision Park

            Care to enlighten those of us who left for the colonies almost a decade ago and haven’t been back?

          • Re: Vision Park


            The old railway between St Ives and Cambridge that passed through Histon alongside the Railway Vue (hence its name) has been dug up and replaced with a trackway for guided buses.

            It’s commonly referred to locally as the Misguided Bus. Total cost is at least £100m officially. It opens next Spring, but in the meantime has been causing huge disruption as various other roads and bridges are closed for work to allow its almighty passage.

          • Anonymous

            Re: Vision Park

            Bizarrely their site seems to go out of the way to avoid telling your where the stops are exactly. I would have thought they knew by now.

            Do you know what their plans for bicycles are? In Santa Cruz the buses have a mounting rack on the outside of the bus in front of the front bumper and can carry two bikes. It works very well.

          • Re: Vision Park

            No idea what their plans are for bikes. My guess: none. I do know that for at least part of the trackway there’s a parallel track that can be used by bikes, but that’s not what you’re asking.

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