The Hairy Drinkers

In a sure sign of impending mid-life crises, both Chef and I have recently sprouted facial growths. In my case the trigger was a broken razor and no time to buy a new one, followed by laziness. I’m now trimming it every few days.

This is all just preamble to avoid a sudden shock when you view the photos from last night’s annual Exsquiddy Christmas Party. The photo here shows the resolutely clean-shaven Saverio, stalwart of La Margherita these many years and our cool and efficient waiter again last night.

Before and after La Marg we drank at The Punter. In fact Mikey and I started the day’s drinking at The Pickerel, having rashly assumed that we were all meeting up at the same place as usual. I’m blaming that additional pint, and that alone, for this morning’s hangover. I have to, really, I don’t remember much else of the night.


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