Avaragado Five Bellies

“You’re Shazzie’s mate, aren’t you?”

Why yes, I am. It was one of the staff in Revital, a health food/nutty potions shop in Cambridge. I was there to buy some of the wacky toothpaste I use, and suddenly I’m no longer just a run-of-the-mill customer, I’m Touched By Fame.

We chatted for a bit, he asked after her, the usual things. I realise now I could have embiggened my status by deploying words like “editor” and “book designer.” Not my style, though; in any case, she’s no Stan Lee, is she?

He then handled my purchase. And to my surprise, I get a 10% discount. “Well, you’re a mate of Shazzie.”

I won’t let it go to my head. But I should have bought more than a tube of toothpaste.



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5 responses to “Avaragado Five Bellies

  1. Anonymous

    Secret handshake

    For those of us who haven’t done worthy stuff like “editor” is there some sort of secret handshake or pose that lets the staff know that we know Shazzie? I live only a few blocks from a house where Shazzie puked her guts out one Halloween …

    • Re: Secret handshake

      You need to stand with legs apart but feet facing inward. Then lean slightly forward, with your left hand on your hips and your right hand covering your mouth as if you’ve said something naughty. You must have a shocked expression on your face.

      If you instead use a stern expression, that indicates you’re a friend of Gillian McKeith. I advise against this.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Secret handshake

      was that fruit soaked vodka and woman trying to snog me halloween or a different one? Only remember that one halloween puke, about 10 years ago in santa cruz…? Shazzle Dazzle x

      • Anonymous

        Re: Secret handshake

        That was indeed the one. She was also dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and had a (real) fireman as a fiance.

  2. Anonymous

    How cute!! I love this story. And more I love your writing, so fresh and clever.
    Love Lowanna

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