Handbag and a hula hoop

So this is what it’s like being 40. A lie-in, a lazy breakfast, an amazing present from Chris and Melanie, bumping into a friend in town and wandering round some colleges in sunshine with my camera, a lazy lunch, tea and cakes, a walk by the river, and The Apprentice.

Is it like this every day?

(The title? It’s a gay bingo call. No, I don’t really know why handbag equals 4. Could be worse, it’s often a body bag.)



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5 responses to “Handbag and a hula hoop

  1. Is it like this every day?


    Subsequent days will involve your doctor looking at you and going, “hmmmm 40 eh?” and then starting with all the, “we recommend we start a series of regular tests at 40.”

    Then the gloves come out.


    Didn’t realise you had an LJ too.

  2. Anonymous


    For those of us unable to physically examine the amazing present, I did some detective work and tracked down a virtual copy of the relevant article – http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~jg27paw4/yr18/yr18_22.htm

    Care to find the other articles in that archive for us?

    • Re: Virtual

      That’s the one.

      I don’t understand your question… can’t you just click Contents on that page and browse?

      • Anonymous

        Re: Virtual

        From your photo it would appear that you contributed to more than one edition of the magazine. It took me long enough finding one article in one edition, hence my hope that you could the other articles in other editions since you actually know what the articles are!

        • Re: Virtual

          Ah, no, I only contributed one article. Chris and Melanie bought the three together on eBay to get the one I contributed to, and gave me all three since they had no use for them.

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