The curse of Star Trek: refined

You know the curse: the odd-numbered Star Trek films are bad, the even-numbered ones are good. ST:TMP bad, ST:TWOK good, ST:TSFS bad, ST:TVH good, etc.

(However, the UK MAD magazine cover for ST:TSFS was good: my brother created it. I can’t remember, but I think the idea might have been mine. I’m sure he’ll correct me.)

The traditional curse held until film 10, Star Trek: Nemesis, which was no Khan that’s for sure. And film 11, just coming out now, is reportedly a fine reboot for the franchise.

So I hereby refine the Star Trek curse: the ordinals of the good films have digits that sum to an even number. The bad films have digits that sum to an odd number.

The existing rule and the refined rule agree for films before Nemesis, as they contained only one digit in the ordinal. The refined rule differs at film 10, for which the existing rule wrongly predicted goodness. The refined rule sums 1 + 0 to get 1, an odd number, correctly asserting duffness. And film 11 has good omens as, I am led to believe, 1 + 1 = 2.

Note that I do not here overturn the orthodoxy and cause the heavens to whirl, as Copernicus and Galileo did; I am but a modern Albert poised unsteadily upon Isaac’s shoulders, peeling away the Paramount onion to reveal a deeper truth.

And now, I must sleep.


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