Harry Potter and the Onset of Puberty

Well, OK, maybe a bit more than that happens. You know, Dementors and stuff. The obligatory broomstick hockey (as well as the tonsil hockey). Some comedy pratfalling with the world’s oldest teenager, Ron Weasley (“he looks about 40” – C. Walsh). Dodgy acting. A great deal of nudge-winkery.

It’s a looong film for such a slender plot. Did Things Of Great Import happen that would only make sense to a trufan? If so, that seems a leetle faily to me. If not, they should have chopped half an hour off it.

Everyone’s in it, as usual. Gambon expositing Dumbledore, Rickman indistinguishable from sliced pig, Robbie Coltrane in platforms, Maggie Smith being professionally Scottish, etc. Jim Broadbent is good value. The young Tom Riddle (shown in flashback) is played by the humorously named Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, and yes, he is the nephew of Ralph Fiennes. He makes a good job of the role, I think, so maybe it wasn’t entirely nepotism. Poor lad has the middle name Beauregard apparently (and a sister Mercy, brother Titan, and clearly idiot parents).

Is there anything more to say? It’s film six, after all, and mostly magic-by-numbers. Not the best of the six, very much setting things up for the final two films (book seven being considered the last chance to make money too complex a story for one film).

Avaragado’s rating: butter


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  1. It was a weird experience to watch what was quintessentially a British teen romcom in a cinema in LA with a bunch of La-landian teens who didn’t get all of the humour and were, I think, a little shocked that the teachers were plying these guys with alcohol.

    The best you can say is that it was a placeholder for the finale. Which is pretty much what I thought after slogging through 250,000 words of the book. I also thought that richest writer in the world or not, it was past time for somebody to demand Rowling used a decent editor.

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