New home, same old toss

After six years blogging at LiveJournal I’ve moved lock, stock and comments over to WordPress.

I’ve enlisted the help of my brother, who should be seated just over there, to tart it up a little. At time of writing he hasn’t, in case you’re wondering. I eagerly await his effort and as the client I fully expect to end up saying There! and THERE! and No, over THERE! and UP A BIT! until I appear in a sequel to this blog entry of his.

So abandon your subscription to my LiveJournal feed forthwith, and resubscribe here. Thanking you.



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4 responses to “New home, same old toss

  1. I’d be much more likely subscribing here rather than there if the rss feed contained the full text of your blog rather than a snippet

    teeny tiny pet hate of mine

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