What web site?

So I lied. The web site isn’t working.

For some unknown reason, despite Roger getting through to it over the weekend, Avaragado’s web site is inaccessible. It’s a big loss to the world, I know.

Not completely-and-utterly inaccessible. A few packets have managed to squeeze through and hit the web server logs, but only very few. Mikey’s had a script running for several hours throwing a telnet at it every 30 seconds, and only about half a dozen of those have impacted the web server logs. (Oh, er, you can stop that script now. Ta.)

One of the Drs Shire spent several hours helping me out, but no banana. Maybe the router’s bust (Netgear DG824M, if you’re interested). I even had a fan blasting away at it in case it was an overheating problem, but that didn’t do anything.

It’s not a web server config thing as we had the same result with SSH too.

Bah. And bah again. Utter madness. Crazy.

Oh well, it’ll have to wait now… other things to do…


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  1. Anonymous

    Non working site

    One theory is that the dove community has a grudge and has chewed your adsl connection. Cant think why they would do that!

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