Of course!

I’ve figured it out. The reason my web site is bust.

It’s a Feynman radio. It’s obvious really. My future self is fiddling with neutrinos and sending me a message via bit twiddling in the packets that (fail to) hit my web site to let me know that the surgery was a success. Ah. I’ll be able to sleep tonight now.

(Techie enough for you Chris? :-)



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12 responses to “Of course!

  1. Anonymous

    Temporal annomallys

    I concer, the idea of time travel is unfounded. It is obviously an attempt by an alien race from a micro universe trying to contact you about taking over your kitchen. The sub quark decay rate found in the main carry signal suggests they consider Lemon sponges to be there god!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Its due to sunspots

    One reason may be the highly charged H particles being throw off the sun at near the speed of light. Some are deflect by the magnetosphere and the atmosphere. The remander cause a electron charge cascade generating a “signal buzz” which in turn culminates in over loading the phone lines.
    It is unfortunate that recently emp field have been pushed closer due to the Earth. This might be due to extra graviational pull from the close proximty of Mars. The magnetosphere might have had some minor effects due to the grav wave wake.
    Not to mention our closness to a major ejector pulsar which has fallen in our path. The extra charge matter may have been the straw that broke the cosmic camels back.

  3. Anonymous

    Volcanic erruptions

    Well I disagree with the above.
    Recent volcanic activity has chucked alot of debris from inside the earths crust. These have been found to have a high iron content which has been affecting satalite signals, which have bounced off the ionosphere. Possibly from Peru due to gas studies from volcanos there.

  4. Anonymous

    Its my fault!!!

    Hi am a PhD student with a confession my experiments on dolphin communication is too blame.
    I have been using a internet based link to same dolphin sounds to better understand their communictaions.
    I believe I cracked the code. They say they have been put on Mircosofts pay roll to use a their langauge as a form of HTML
    called Dolphin Friendly Signals DFS for short to send viruses to ditrub all those who do not believe in the gates empire.
    These dolphins think they are ordering take out sushi at there swim through tuna net stop and sink. In fact its all a mass conspiracy, Microsoft employed fisher men throw the food in when they order. The signal are convert in to viruses using the new operating system called PORTHOLES FE 20000.
    I have since left and joined a monastry to develop downloading confession software SORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Its a sign from God!

    It can only be one thing divine intervention , my son. Repent the end is near. Excuse new have a new client on ConfessMessenger. Must fly

  6. Anonymous

    None of the above

    May be you forgot to type Run????

  7. Anonymous

    May be santa thinks you are a bad boy this year

    HO ho HO LITTLE DAVID, it is I santa Or Papa Nouvelle Babba Bushka StNic, The fat grey haired guy you thought you gave up on.

    Let this be a lesson be very generous this year to all your friends, some are very upset if you do not dress up, while I put my feet up this year and give every them what they want. Dont forget your web site depends on it

  8. Anonymous

    By odins blood damed Loki doth stike again

    I mighty Thor doth believe mer mortal that Hela hath seduced Loki to do her bidding and cause mayhem on the electric enchanced world spun web.
    I must use my thunder to recharge the damaged rainbow line from midguard to Asgard post hence!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Its those muties fault

    It has to be are YOU a mutie you look like that school guy you reading my mind ?????damned spike.

  10. Anonymous

    Stans Soapbox

    Well true believer I am greatly upset more than Aunt May burning her cookies that your amazing site is not working.
    Dont believe cosmic radiation or Myth my man it sound that the mighty house of ideas bullpen has been surfing too much again. Typical that what you get for leaving Quesuda in charge. Never mind until you site rivals Reed Richards Make Mine Marvel ( ps can I have my comic back you stole ) Excelsior!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    NO man no

    No way dude totally bogus or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Your Teacher in Social Study

    Now that we have time to right all this ( and I am one to talk )perhaps its time to turn our energy to something more …shall we say productive???? Stop staring out of the windows (XP) and start building a new web. Glad you are well, take time to rest. Time waits for no one perhaps it was your future self telling you that you cant play with your toys forever. Im no expert myself, but I can look out ward and so should you. Remember we are all computers. Sometimes you may want to try using the most complex computer of all. And some of us wish we had arouter into your world. Will we crash too?

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