I blame Toby

There I am, watching Buffy The School Counsel[l]or (BBC2’s a bit
behind the rest of the world), eating my pretend sausages, when I feel
an odd crunch mid-chew. I extract some tiny bits of tooth, liberated
from somewhere top-back-right according to my tongue. It’s not too
bad, I don’t seem to have any razor-sharpness or gaping holes or
pain, but this does have a one-damn-thing-after-another feel to it.
(And if anyone says “everything happens in threes” I’ll… well, I’ll
probably hurt myself again.)

This is clearly Toby’s fault. Only a few days ago we were
talking about dentists, down the Wrestlers I think. He
obviously put a caffeine/beer/nicotine-style spell on me. It’s
either that or the fact that I haven’t inhaled dentist breath in ten

Right, I’ll add that to my list… off to the cam.misc FAQ for
recommendations, I guess… I’ll try to get an appointment for 2:30 so Chris
can bring that old gag out for another airing.


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