Bang, ooh, etc

Traditional bonfire night
festivities last night: to Midsummer Common for the fireworks
(my photos)
then to the Hotpot for a chinese meal. I think we cleared them out of white wine again.


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5 responses to “Bang, ooh, etc

  1. Anonymous

    Well it was a good night for all. Although I think I stood in some cow dung!!!!! I especially thought the little bald kid with the big sticky out ears was jumping for glee at the fireworks as he looked and took photos of them. Wonder who he was. Was Chris really THAT drunk??????

  2. Anonymous

    Where is my hamster?

    Hi have lost my hamster please can some one tell me where he has gone!!! I really miss him. Someone said he was going to the moon. When will he reenter earth? I miss him. Can I also have collection of rubberband back please. Funny how one fire work sounded just like him last night. In hope, Guy

    • Anonymous

      Re: Where is my hamster?

      Dear Guy

      Your hamster’s gone to heaven (mmmm wasn’t that a Pixies song)
      He will be looked after by the gay bar singing angels.
      Hope this puts your mind at rest.


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