Bush… makes a… speech… in London…

One of the “advantages” of not working is that you get to see, if you so desire, live speeches by various dignitaries in full on the 24-hour news channels as they scramble desperately for something to show. (Breaking news! Update! Newsflash! Latest! Please watch!)

Currently, London is blessed by the presence of Dubya. He is the most tedious, uninspiring, plodding speaker I’ve heard in a long time (it’s about six months since my last Doug yawnfest). The shrub can’t say more than half a dozen words without pausing for a couple of seconds in an attempt to sound “presidential”. Occasionally he pauses longer, probably because his teleprompter says “wait for applause”; eventually the audience gets the hint, but not always (which amuses me).



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3 responses to “Bush… makes a… speech… in London…

  1. Anonymous

    Oh yes I forgot

    The unemployed doth do the vegetable ritual and parkif there posteria on yee sofa all day watching scrolls of songs on magic cubes Thor say noth not. Thee must go and become a dragon slayer so songs may be sung!!!!!!

    • Re: Oh yes I forgot

      Sofa? In my condition?

      Sitting on the sofa is for special occasions right now.
      A couple of hours on Saturdays and Sundays, reading the paper.

      Now, lying on the sofa, that’s a different matter.
      But it’s much harder to drink tea in that position.

      I slew a dragon yesterday. Actually, no I didn’t. I only said that so I could write “slew”.

  2. Anonymous

    I was wondering?

    Which street corner will you be selling the big issue? Please let me know so I can ignore you.

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