And back, back, further, we go

Avaragado’s gallery now extends back to the beginning of 1999. People are starting to look younger…. Pages 5 to 7, boys and girls.

Highlights include: Shazzie’s 30th; 101 things to do with lucite; Avaragado pie-eyed; Roger topless; bowling; very nearly seeing the eclipse; the Maldives; a fancy dress Christmas party; and the Millennium on Parker’s Piece.


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  1. Anonymous

    Baby Photos anyone

    I was wondering when will we see some of Davids baby photos. Will he have changed or will he have more hair than now????
    I just hope he has lost the habit of wearing nappies. I now he still throws a tantrum …..usaully when I refuse to shut up!!! I just wish he would stop chewing on any house hold products like!!!! Silly boy.

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