More form fun

OK, this is very nerdish. But here’s another one! I’m filling in a stupid form for Chris, with freeform text boxes. The instructions for these state:

Please limit each comment field to 2500 characters or less. Text should be typed in a continuous line, without using carriage returns.

Did someone uninvent input handling while I wasn’t looking?



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    Try California unemployment department

    They do that, except the limits are 250 characters. You can just about fit a job title in that. Forget company names and dates, job descriptions, lists of acronyms etc.

    When speaking to the Pauline equivalent I mentioned this and she said it was because they hadn’t updated the code since the mid-1980s. I sit there at the edge of Silicon Valley surrounded by tens of thousands of unemployed programmers amused at how the agency responsible for giving them $370 a week can’t figure out how to use any of them to update their damn system (which every unemployed person has to fill in otherwise they revoke your eligibility).

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