Hutton whitewash

Hutton has cleared the Government and blamed the BBC for everything. I imagine that heads will roll at the BBC.

The PM is now pontificating and gloating in the House of Commons. A House of Commons, incidentally, that’s whooping and hollering and jeering, full of fake outrage and indignation that shows it at its absolute worst.

It is shameful that the only inquiry about the Iraq war has been about a dodgy early-morning radio report that led to a single unfortunate death.

About the non-existent reasons for going to war, nothing.

About the plagiarised dossier, nothing.

About the failure to properly protect the troops, nothing.

About the use of cluster bombs, nothing.

About the failure to follow the Geneva Conventions, nothing.

About the blatant sell-off of Iraqi assets to US companies, nothing.



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2 responses to “Hutton whitewash

  1. Anonymous

    About no PRESENT!!!!!!!

    Lets have an enquiry about THAT!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Time travel

    Sheesh. Did all you people not get the memo? The one about how time had been turned back 300 years? How the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, wars get fought over resources, and gentlemen in the club are all ok.

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