Brains, brains

Last night I dreamed about zombies. Twice.

First time was a traditional chase dream: lots of us running away from something, lots of stairwell descents (a standard Avaragado dream feature: I usually jump down entire flights). It was very televisual; there was a “time passes” segment, where a serene image of a village with hills in the background faded into a flooded disaster area, with oddly lowered hills (zombie strip mining?). I only saw a zombie in a sort of coda to the dream; I think I woke up, thought “zombies” and went back to sleep again, at which point a zombie attacked me and I sliced him into several pieces with an axe.

Second time was more like comedy zombies. Imagine a zombie making a guest appearance in Coronation Street. A bit of verbal conflict, some comic zombie stupidity, and northern accents. There was a very good special effect, though: someone’s face morphed strangely into someone else’s upon zombification. I don’t think it ended on a soap-style cliffhanger.

Whatever can it all mean?



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4 responses to “Brains, brains

  1. st1


    Well, quite clearly, you’ve been subject to subliminal movie advertising:

    • Re: Merkination

      That must be it. When I woke up I did briefly think there was a screenplay in the idea of comedy zombies, but then remembered Shaun of the Dead and forgot about it.

  2. Anonymous

    Its guilt

    Its clear that by not buying that present you are suffering from zombie induced dream gilt trips

  3. Anonymous

    Did you wet the bed?

    Was it all damp and smelly?

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