Wherein Avaragado neologises

I have invented a new word or phrase. The new word or phrase I have invented is the word or phrase status lag.

Status lag is the tendency for your IM status to lag behind reality. I generally remember to set it to “Stepped Out” when I go for a wander, but rarely remember to pop it back to “Available” when I return. Status thusly lags, in a vaguely Schrödinger’s Cat-like is-he-or-isn’t-he “Stepped Out” kind of way.

Now drink your weak lemon drink.


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One response to “Wherein Avaragado neologises

  1. Anonymous

    Inverse delivery

    It is just like your packages (previous post). Their status is “delivered” – it is just that that state precedes reality and you have to wait for it to become true.

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