ISBN 0-9547930-0-5

Smith, D. (2004). Practical Guide to Making Money on the Mobile Internet (second edition). Bango Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 0-9547930-0-5.

About the author: David Smith is a writer, editor, designer and techie. With over ten years’ experience in the computer industry, David has written clear, accessible documentation for over twenty leading products including the acclaimed “Introducing VisionFS” manual.

I’d actually written “for over twenty product releases” but I guess I was big-upped in the edit.

There is no photo. Apart from the one of me in the wig at the Christmas party a few years back, but that’s different.



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3 responses to “ISBN 0-9547930-0-5

  1. Anonymous


    So all those years of experience on the ZX Spectrum don’t count for anything?

    I also want my bio (and you also get this) to say stuff like “Holy shit, we thought of and *implemented* most of the web browser features you now take for granted, when most people didn’t even know what a browser was”).

    • Re: Spectrum

      I guess technically I’ve been “in the biz” since about 1985 when my Maths teacher employed me to write tape-to-microdrive “back-up” software for him. I discount the excellent (read: rubbish) text adventure I singularly failed to get published in 1983-4.

      You should write up all that stuff we did on the browser. It was ten years ago now, just ripe for a historical retrospective.

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