This page intentionally left blank

All chavs are smokers. All smokers are chavs. Discuss.

Extra credit is given for detailed examples.


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4 responses to “This page intentionally left blank

  1. Anonymous

    well at least I now know what a chav is.

    Does sending cryptic text messages to induce readership of your web site constitute spam.


    If you feel like it.

    • On a technicality

      It’s generally accepted that it’s not spam if it comes from someone in your address book. That’s my story anyway.

      I was inspired by the seemingly chavtastic Strawberry Fair. Lots of smokers, not all herbally enhanced. I thought you might have heard of them, since your finger is permanently wedged in the zeitgeist. Apparently not! Anyone would think you were in Peru or something.

  2. Anonymous


    May I bring to your attention the following website:

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