Strawberry fair

Strawberry fair today. Now then. How would I describe it?

Lots of “cigarette” smoke. A distinctive aroma. More prevalent than I remember from previous years.

I saw a lad, no more than 16 years old, no more than three feet away from me, topple domino-like from vertical to horizontal without so much as a touch. Pupils like pinpricks. “Look at me!” said a grizzled older (apparent) companion. “Look at me! What have you done?” Drink, he said. More than drink if you ask me.

Lots of dodgy dealing everywhere you look, from cheapo Stella out of backpacks to, well, all sorts. Shiitake mushrooms by the look of it.

More extreme than previous years? Hard to say. Probably not.


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  1. Anonymous

    Damn! What am I missing? :)

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