Lynda’s 30th

Last night we celebrated Lynda’s 30th birthday with several dozen of her closest friends.

In a weak (OK, drunk) moment ages ago I agreed to be the official photographer, so most of the photos are of people I don’t know. For more photos of the usual suspects, see Andy Heckford’s new site. (Link fixed — thanks Andy)



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3 responses to “Lynda’s 30th

  1. Thanks for the link!

    Slight typo in the URL though. It’s rather than

    • Anonymous

      Re: Thanks for the link!

      BTW Andy, your RSS magic import etc is somewhat screwed up to say the least.


      I am still waiting for the day when someone does a decent IMAP client (hint – if a program stores settings locally then it is useless). And I am waiting for an integrated RSS viewer that actually shows the damn story synopsis. All the stuff I have tried in eGroupware, Evolution and Thunderbird only shows the headlines without any idea what the actual content is.


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