Refurbished curry

The Wrestlers reopened today after a facelift. The pool table has gone, the bar’s a bit shorter, and the floor’s now level – tiles rather than lino; yea, even unto the gents. The dusty old beer bottles perched on shelves throughout the bar have gone, but we think they might sneak back. The fireplace is refurbished, and all of Tom’s running paraphernalia has been cleared away (not for long, I expect). The multi-coloured menus are now plain old blackboards (much easier to maintain, and you can now apparently order “Prawn chill”). Old photos for the nostalgic.

The official IXI/SCO/Tarantella bench has disappeared. That’s what happens when you lay off the office I guess. In its place, standard chairs and tables. Tom can now squeeze in quite a few more people.

The food hasn’t changed.


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